“You Don’t Pay Until You’re Satisfied”

We’ve all heard the horror stories of dealing with paint contractors who do not follow through on their promises. They do not return their calls in a reasonable amount of time. They hire fly-by night workers. They do not show up when they said they would. Once they start on the job they do not stick to it and get it done quickly, but instead drag it on and on and on. They do not respect the privacy of your home. They play loud music or talk loud. They don’t present a professional and courteous atmosphere.

Testerman’s Painting promises you a unique and pleasant painting experience. We have built a reputation of having quiet and courteous workers. Our customers have told us over and over again they enjoy having us in their home.

We promise to return your call promptly. We will show up on time or call you if there is a delay.

Your satisfaction is more important than our profit. We want you happy!

Jeff Testerman, my father, who started the business over 26 years ago has always built the business on the principles of integrity, quality service, and quality products.

He has instilled in his 12 children (yes that’s right 12 children) the same principles of life. The foremost being to put the needs of others before your own needs.

His sons have followed in his footsteps. One son is running a paint company in Colorado, another in Southern California another in Central Oregon; the father’s business is in Florida.

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